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All our customers are welcome to use our Help Centre, whether supported by Artifax directly, or via one of our Distributors.

We're frequently adding new content, and of course welcome your feedback. I'm always interested in your feedback about our services, and you can reach me directly at

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Signing In

To access our Knowledge Base articles and participate in our online Community, you'll need to sign in with your Help Centre credentials using the Sign In link on the main menu.

Our Help Centre is powered by the Zendesk platform, which is a separate application to ArtifaxEvent and has its own user accounts. Your login credentials are likely to be different from those you use to access ArtifaxEvent.

  • Used our Help Centre before? Welcome back! You can sign in using your work email address and Help Centre password. If you have forgotten your password, please select the ‘Forgot password’ link.
  • New to the Help Centre?
    • If you have ever emailed Artifax Support, your account will have been created automatically. Create a password via the ‘Get a password’ link.
    • If you have never previously had any email interaction with Artifax Support, create an account via the ‘Sign-up’ link, using your work email address. The system will automatically link your account to your organisation based on your email domain, and provide appropriate access. 

If you experience any problems accessing the Help Centre or viewing the content you expect to see, please email details of the problem to and we will be pleased to investigate and resolve the issue for you.

Knowledge Base

Everything you need to know about how our products work can be found in the Knowledge Base section. 

If you have a question or a problem you can:

  • Search our Help Centre contents from any page
  • 'Contact Artifax Support' using the link at the top of every page*
  • Call or email your Artifax support provider using the information on the Contact Us page of our website

If you're new to our products, try reading one of our User Guides, which are collections of knowledge base articles grouped together to focus on the basics. 

We recommend you explore the Release Notes category and 'follow' the sections for the products you use to be automatically notified of new features.

Software that's available for you to install on your device or network can be found in the Downloads section. If you're using a product that's hosted by Artifax, you'll be able to 'follow' the relevant notifications of scheduled downtime in Announcements.


The Community section is where you can make suggestions for new features, and share tips with other users. It's also where you can find out about online Community Meetings.

There's a variety of topics, and you can find out more about it here.

Your Support Tickets

To view and update support tickets*, click on your name at the top of any page and select My Activities. You have a choice of My Open Requests, All My Requests, or Requests I'm CC'd On. Select a ticket to see all its updates. You can enter additional comments here and add attachments, and also manage your category and article subscriptions.

* Netify, OPAS and Ad Axem manage their support tickets via other systems. If they are your Artifax Support provider, your support ticket may be forwarded to them and will not be trackable via the Help Centre.

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